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Mittwoch, 24 Jul 2024

Providers Connector - Price

Providers Connector
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Imagine the time and money that you can save with integrating this utility that enables you to link with your providers. To be able to use the connector you need our WDAILY module, then you can access the pricing and availability information of your products directly from IT distributors and if you want, it can even update the technical information of those products directly from the Icecat catalogue or CNET, so you can begging generating your very own products catalogue with just one click.


Forget about paying monthly fees or high prices for other integration utilities, Our module can be totally customized to your own needs, so you just pay for what you need. We are able to personalize each plug-in according to your provider and automate the process of your provider connectivity. It is so easy to use! You can activate your provider from the configuration panel of the WDAILY module and keep your database updated, contact us now for a license price quotation.


License Price

The annual license price for this solution starts at EUR 200.- with this license for the basic configuration, the solution will automatically execute the following functions:

  • Integrate your shop with one supplier.
  • Creation of a complete catalogue on an empty store (Providers connector).
    • Creation of a category tree.
    • Importing all new manufacturers.
  • Synchronize the selected categories with the supplier.
  • Importing new products (Providers connector).
  • Update the buying price (Providers connector).
  • Update the stock (Providers connector).

There are many options that can be added to the basic configuration, and you can add as many suppliers as you need on your store. For more information about all the options available for this solution you can contact us here.




If you need us to install any of our utillities, the price of the installation is EUR 50.-  and includes the installation and configuration of the module in your store and the information of the changes needed in your server so the module can run. It does not include any changes or configurations that are needed of your server.


If you need a more detailed information of this module or information of how to get a license, please do not hesitate to contact us here.