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Samstag, 24 Feb 2024

Providers Connector - Ingram Micro

Providers Connector
Ingram Micro
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3Ingram Micro is one of the biggest IT providers in the world. They offer their services in many countries. The good thing is that Ingram Micro offers most of the time the products information to the customers for free. Depending of your country they may have a different policy of charging for that information.


Product's Information


They offer customers the option of downloading the products and price information via FTP. The prices are specific to the customer’s account. Then you have as well access to other files like availability, categories or fees, depending of your country branch these files can be standard or different. The product’s file is updated daily, this file can also contain detailed information about the products.


In some cases Ingram Micro also provides an update file, that only contains the products number and prices that had changed, and in some cases the availability of the products. This gives you the possibility to configure the periods to import new product, which can be every day, every week of once a month and run the updates only file daily.


Real time Integration


Ingram Micro also offers in most of the countries the possibility of real-time XML integration, to use this service you need to obtain a XML User ID and Password which are different from your normal Ingram Micro User ID.


This technology gives you access to real time price and availability as well as the possibility to request products and buy products or send a different delivery address.


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