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Mittwoch, 24 Jul 2024

Providers Connector - Tech Data

Providers Connector
Ingram Micro
Tech Data
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partner_logos_techdataTech Data as Ingram Micro is one of the biggest IT providers in the world, with presence in many countries in America and Europe. In contrary to Ingram Micro, Tech Data charges in most of the cases for the products information, but depending of your country branch this information can be as well provided for free. There is another big difference with the data provided by Tech Data, most of the time the format of the files are different, mostly there is not an standard products file in Tech Data, every country branch chooses their own format.


Product's Information


Tech Data provides different file formats and ways of downloading those files. Depending of your country branch, Tech Data can provide a downloader or FTP access, these files can be in DBF format or text files. In some countries like USA Tech Data provides FTP access just for selected customers, in most cases the customer must have around $2.5M in annual sales.


As Tech Data is very restrictive about the products information WASATO offers the Tech Data Import function for selected countries, it gives you the possibility to import the Tech Data products in to the shop, this information is only available for ES, DE, PT, BE, NL, IT and DK. Contact WASATO for more information.


Real time Integration


In most of the countries Tech Data offers real-time XML integration, pricing and availability service that can be accessed by Tech Data customers. However, to use this service you need to obtain a XML User ID and Password, which can be different from your normal Tech Data User ID.


This technology gives you access to real time price and availability as well as the possibility to request products and buy products or send a different delivery address.


For more information, or to contact WASATO, click here.