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Mittwoch, 24 Jul 2024

Providers Connector

Providers Connector
Ingram Micro
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Looking for a way to integrate your shop with your provider and keep your prices and stock updated!


Now you can integrate you shop or ERP with Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Esprinet, Computer Gross, Synnex, Vinzeo, Stebis, Actebis, ETB or any other provider. Forget about paying thousands of dollars for this kind of integration, WASATO offers you a module that integrates your store with any of the providers that you need.


WASATO integrates your shop and helps you to create your own products catalogue in seconds, avoiding the costs that it would include. This module can insert new products, choose the best provider, insert the selling price and complete your shop products with images and technical information.


Most of today’s shop owners need up-to-date products information, therefore, almost all the providers offer real-time information by XML  or simple provide their data in text format. While XML integration offers real-time information, the text files are updated every day. You can obtain this information directly from your provider’s website, from FTP access on a weekly or daily basis depending on your distributor.
Some of the main functions that you can use with this module are:


  • Import new products from provider
  • Update price and availability on daily basis
  • Relate your shop products with your providers
  • Select the best buying price
  • Update the selling price
  • Activate new products
  • Add fees to price (if applies)


For more information, or to contact WASATO, click here.