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Mittwoch, 24 Jul 2024


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Creating your own products catalogue and updating your store data was never so easy

Forget about updating your products technical information manually ever again. Just install WDAILY and keep your store updated. It will automatically import new products and update your installed products, it will update the pricing, availability and technical information of your products or if you prefer you can add any other function that you need to run daily.

You just need to add it to your cron-job to run this module everyday or if you prefer just do it manually by clicking update. This tool is necessary to run our providers connector if you want to be able to update products and to add or update the purchase prices and the quantities.

Take a look at our provider’s connector for more information about all the functions and utilities that you can run with this module. WDAILY is working for now just with PrestaShop, other shopping carts are going to be added soon.



For more information, or to contact WASATO, click here.