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Dienstag, 23 Jul 2024

Providers Connector - Stock in the channel

Providers Connector
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Stock in the channel


partner_logos_wasato_stockinthechannelStock in the channel offers you the opportunity to search the stock of your products on over 90 distributors and the possibility to compare prices from your suppliers with a top-end purchasing system for resellers. After the registration on the Stock in the channel website, you will get up to date pricing information from all your providers directly from one single system.


The data feed from thousands of products is updated each day by Stock in the channel, their service allows the resellers to add their own selling price information according to the quotation system. Depending of your preferences the orders can be directly invoiced and use the drop-shipment system and you can keep track of the information of each order on one single place.


Product's Information

The products data feed provided by Stock in the channel has all the information that you need to start selling. It contains the complete products information with an accurate distributor’s information of the stock and price. The  products feeds also contain the products technical information and images, the description and images are provided by Icecat and the distributors themselves.

Now WASATO as partner with Stock in the channel, offers you a solution to integrate their complete products feeds with your shopping cart. Our solution will populate the data information into your shopping cart, including the images, descriptions, features and the selling price of the products.

With our solution you can create a complete new complete catalogue on your store and to keep the data updated in a matter of seconds. By using PrestaShop you can even set your store on any shared hosting that has the solution system requirements.

If you buy the license for this solution now you can start your sales today, there is nothing that you need to do, just install the module enter your stock in the channel ftp user and password, select the categories that you want to sell, and start the update.


For more information, or to contact WASATO, click here.