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Sunday, 05 Feb 2023

Adding Extra Functions - Price

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Adding Extra Functions
Icecat Tools


Add any element in the price

You can always add any element after the activation of the license, however all elements that are requested after the activation of the license don’t have their own license. Instead they are added to your own license. - Adding these elements to your license doesn’t extend your license and they also expire when the original license expires, regardless of when they are requested.

  • Use provider's recommended selling price.
  • Set best buying price. ***
  • Replace promotion price as buying price.
  • Add fee to buying price.
  • Add fees to the Ecotax field.
  • Add discounts to products (the WDISCOUNT module should be installed) º
  • Add discount (percentage) to products (According to provider's Promotion price)
  • Add discount (amount) to products (According to provider's Promotion price)
  • Add promotion date (According to provider)
  • Add supplier's shipping Price.
  • Set promotion price from recommended selling price.
  • Set max allowed discount.
  • Deactivate Products with prices under x€.
  • Round final selling price to 99, 95, 90.
  • Normalize supplier foreign prices
  • Update exchange rates and update provider's foreign prices to local currency.

º Under development on BETA.
ª The Icecat Connector is needed to run these options.
^ Valid for PrestaShop intalation with MyISAM.
*All prices are in EUR.
** Available just for ES, DE, IT, PT, BE y NL.
*** Price for each supplier.
**** If your provider offers that information
***** Available just for ES, FR, DE, IT, SE, UK, CH.
****** Free for FULL Icecat users.

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