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Mercredi, 24 Juil 2024

Who are we

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The company was founded in Barcelona in 2006, the original idea of the company was to provide marketing consulting and solutions focused in companies in the Spanish market. Today, WASATO has grown to include more services and solutions, always guided by our mission to manage the business of our customer like our own business. We strongly believe that the only way to success is driven by our customer's success.


In December 2010 we open a branch in Zurich, Switzerland, a new office that now manage the e-commerce solutions that our company has developed, we provide now a broad spectrum of internet marketing and consulting services to customers from around the world.


Finally what really matters to us, is to keep our philosophy of cero unsatisfied clients. We care about providing all the available tools to satisfy our customer's business needs, because what we really search is the success of our customers.