Tuesday, 22 July 2014 19:37 Wakeska Villaseñor


Selling Price Automatic Update Solution

This solution allows you to automatically update the selling price of all your products in milliseconds, just add your margins once by category and keep your shop updated.

Forget about remembering to update your selling price, now with this easy to use tool you can keep your selling price updated and never lose a sale again.

This solution will automatically update your complete database by a click of mouse; you only need to set your profit margins once by category or select to save the same settings on all sub categories. You have the option to add a fix amount, a percentage or a combination of both depending only on your selling strategies.

This solution is also fully integrated with the WASATO supplier’s integration tools, so it will automatically run after the new buying prices have been updated.


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In order to have full functionality of this module we recommend you to use it on your own server. The requirements that you need to have in your server configuration are:

You need as well to have the following libraries:

You may change these configurations directly in the php.ini file on your server.



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